Meet the musicians

Lead Singer - Levin Fairchild


Lead Singer Levin Fairchild is from Gonzales, La. He is currently at LSUHSC in medical school but loves playing music every chance he gets! Catch him with SteelHouse or by himself with Levin Dirk Music all around Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Lead Guitar - Trey Fruge


Lead Guitar player Trey Fruge is from Baton Rouge, La. He is currently at LSUHSC Dental school and pursuing his career in dentistry while playing music on the side. Catch him shredding the guitar at SteelHouse shows or making appearances with Levin Dirk Music.

Drummer - Scott Meade


Drummer Scott Meade is one of the best drummers in Louisiana. He sits in the pocket and stays in the pocket always doing exactly what needs to be done for each song. He also fills in background vocals. His email response to Lead Singer Levin and idea of "Steelhouse" was pivotal in starting and naming the band.

Bass player - George Jeha


Bass player, George Jeha, jumped on board the band when he found out we needed a bass guitar. Originally a guitar player turned bass man, George has been a part of the band since the early days. He is currently at LSUHSC with Levin also pursuing a career in medicine. Find him ripping the bass and filling in background vocals at shows.

Trumpet 1/ Sound man - Adam Bourque


Adam Bourque, aka the trumpet man and sound man - has been pivotal to the band since adding him on in 2017. Adam attended High school with Levin and when Levin wanted to add horns to Steelhouse he turned to Adam who was playing in the Tiger Band at LSU. Adam has brought along countless other musicians and skills in sound management for each show that has been vital!

Saxophone 1/ Keys - Kaia Lo


Kaia Lo is another man that was introduced to Steelhouse through Adam that has made the band's horn section what it is today. Kaia is a music director for a local high school and devotes a lot of his talents to SteelHouse band and making sure our horn players all have music and know their parts. Oh, he also plays keys when we need him too.

Trombone - Clay Kershaw


Meet Clay Kershaw, the bone man. Yes, we have a trombone player. And he isn't just unbelievable at trombone, but his dance moves when he isn't playing are worth watching.  He was also brought on from Tiger Band. Come watch this guy play a trombone like you wouldn't believe.

Saxophone 2 - Mike Wilson


Mike Wilson, the man that can make a saxophone do things none of us believed possible. Mike got his degree in Music Performance at LSU and Drake University and it shows. Catch Mike at any show you come too- even though he is now moved to Tallahassee, hopefully we can keep him coming to shows!

Keys - Connor Underwood


Connor Underwood is the man we bought on to play full time keys for us! And man are we glad we did. Any show you come too you will see why. This guy was born to play a piano and he gets to show it off at all of our shows!

Other Notable members

Additional Information

Other people who have played with SteelHouse either in the past, or still come to gigs here and there are:

Hollyn Slykhuis - Trumpet

Clark Lambert - Trumpet

Cullen Crochet - Trumpet

Alyssa Cruse - Saxophone/keys

Jake Stover - Trumpet

Seth Finch - Keys

Alvin Rattle- Trumpet

Kevin Cantillo - Drums

Peyton Falgoust - Lead guitar