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Welcome to SteelHouse! We are a 10 person cover band based out of Baton Rouge (and now New Orleans), Louisiana. There's not too much to our story - we're just a few guys united in late 2014 by a love for playing music, a willingness to be underpaid to do so, and a well-timed craigslist ad. Each of us comes from a background rich in musical tradition. It's something that we all have in common, and it's something that we can't imagine our lives without. At a typical SteelHouse show, you'll be sure to hear and dance to your favorite hits ranging all the way from the early 70's to current radio chart toppers- and we are very particular of our sound and presence. Check out the set-list that's linked towards the bottom of the page - we're constantly updating it to make sure every one of our shows is a truly unique experience. 

We also decided from the beginning that this would never be about the money- and thus still offer very affordable shows for the performance you receive! Reach out and we can give you pricing!

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Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay current with our show schedule. We can think of nothing better than an energized, boozed up crowd to perform for, and we'd love for you to be a part of that next time! There is no gig to big or small for us! 

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Our Lead Singer, Levin Fairchild, also is famous for doing his own little thing sometimes and hosting smaller acoustic set shows all around Southern Louisiana. Give his facebook page a like and you can follow those more intimate setting shows! You never know who he might bring out to play with him- word around town is guitar player Trey Fruge and drummer Scott Meade sit in on a lot of his shows!

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Download our Current Set List that we try to keep updated with each show!